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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Liver

20 ThingsYour liver is your largest internal organ. (Skin is the largest organ overall.)  An adult male liver is- especially on Monday nights- about the size of a football.  It weighs 3 pounds and lurks in your upper right abdomen, protected by ribs.  Other than the brain, it’s your most complex, versatile organ.  Think of it as the body’s chemical processing plant.

Liver function affects almost every bodily process. It filters toxins (purifying a liter of blood every minute), regulates fat digestion, aids hormonal balance.  It’s also an efficient packager of nutrients, storing and distributing what you need for growth and maintenance.  One example: it absorbs glucose from digested food, sends what is needed into the bloodstream, then coverts and “shelves” the rest as glycogen for future use.  When your body needs more fuel to burn, your liver reconverts that glycogen into glucose.

Your liver is your largest internal organ. (Skin is the…