3 Animal Behaviors That Forecast Weather

Lightning Crickets chirp faster in warm weather.  These little guys, who chirp by rubbing their legs together, are fairly accurate thermometers.  Formula: count chirps for 14 seconds, add 40, and you have the local temperature in Fahrenheit.

Geese fly higher in good weather. The higher they go, the lower the air pressure, and migrating birds need altitude.

Cows tail to the west, weather the best; cow’s tail to the east, weather the least.  Animals tend to graze with their backs to the wind.  Say what? Cows can’t read a compass. But this old proverb is based on science. Since an east wind is more likely to bring rain, and a west wind good weather, the cow’s tail acts as a furry weather vane.

From: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Everything by the editors of Discovery Magazine & Dean Christopher

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