3 Beauty Tips – Watery Eyes, Neck Tension, & Toenail Fungus

Neck beauty

Watery Eyes?
If your eyes are itchy, try this quick fix to cut down on your misery: Rub a small amount of baby shampoo on your eyelids. It should reduce your symptoms dramatically.

Alleviate Neck Tension?
Been leaning over your work too long? Try this to help a hurting neck.  Inhale and raise your shoulders up to your ears, pulling them as high as they go.  Then let go with an “ahh” and drop them slowly back down.  Repeat several times to release muscle tension.

Get Rid of Toenail Fungus?
If you have yellow toenails, you may have a fungus problem.  Get rid of this unsightly affliction by soaking your toes in mouthwash for 10-15 minutes each evening.

From: Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems by: Bruce Lubin & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin

Watery Eyes? If your eyes are itchy, try this quick…