4 Shaving Tips To Avoid Nicks

Shaving Legs Tips1. First Off, Scrub Your Skin
Exfoliating your skin before shaving gets rid of the dead skin cells that could clog your razor, so you’ll get a closer shave.

2. Wet Your Hair & Skin
The best trick for a nick-free shave is to wet your skin with warm water. Allowing the moisture & warmth to soak in and soften the hair. You don’t want to shave on dry skin, it’s more likely to nick.

Extra money saving tip for women:
There’s no big difference between men’s shaving cream and those formulated for women. (Now if you can just find a scent that you can live with.)

3. Use A Sharp Blade
Change razors or cartridges regularly, a dull blade leads to nicks and scratches from the razor.

4. Consider Your Nick-Free Hair Removal Options
Waxing works well to get rid of hair. A permanent solution to getting rid of hair is laser hair removal.

1. First Off, Scrub Your Skin Exfoliating your skin before…

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