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While choosing the right layering products for your skin should be done with the help of a professional, board certified dermatologist Dr. Charles Crutchfield has an easy and affordable way to keep skin aglow- no knives included. Keep in mind these four simple tips to achieve healthy and protected skin.

  1. Wipe away dirt and bacteria with a gentle cleanser.
    What the expert recommends: Dove or Vanicream
  2. After a shower, don’t skim on hydration. Pat dry and seal in the moisture immediately by rubbing in lotion for happy hydrated skin.
    What the expert recommends: CeraVe or Amlactctin
  3. Stange moles, splotchy marks and wrinkly skin are common results of baking in the sun. Use protection from ultraviolet light and free radicals.
    What the expert recommends: Melashade or Vanicream
  4. Finally, after cleansing, hydrating, and protecting, look to a certified professional for help with correction for sunspots or wrinkles.

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  Same Effect, Different Route While choosing the right layering…