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4 Things To Do To Stay Lice-free During Holiday Gatherings

Family gatherings for the holidays are one of the best ways to create fond memories. Nitpickerz Lice Removal service suggests some simple things you and your family can do to avoid getting lice at large events.

ponytail hairdoKeep Hair Close To Your Head

Tying hair back in ponytails, buns, or into braids makes it difficult for lice to get onto your head (lice can’t hop or jump, but they can grab onto your hair).

peppermintUse Peppermint

Using a Mint spray┬ádeters lice from wanting to cling to your head with it’s lovely soft mint aroma for your hair (lice hate the aroma of peppermint).

Selfie ImageDon’t Touch Heads

When taking photos & selfies, don’t touch your head to other people’s head (lice can’t hop or jump, but they can grab onto your hair if it is near enough).

hatsDon’t Share Hats or Winter Gear

Don’t wear anyone else’s hats, coats, scarves, or gloves (sorta good-news is that lice die after being off someone’s head for 24 hours. To be safe though, just steer clear of using anyone else’s winter gear).

Source: Nitpickerz Lice Removal