4 Tips To Ward Off Dry Skin in Winter

With cold weather comes dry skin. This is largely due to going into buildings and areas that are heated- that heat sucks all the hydration from your skin. Here’s 4 ways to help your skin during these harsh months of the year.

winter moisturizer

1. Slather on Moisturizer
Another way to keep your skin hydrated is to use a richer moisturizer. The earlier in the season you start using it the better off your skin will look later.


2. Plug In The Humidifier
Having a humidifier on near your desk during a work day, or on your night stand as you sleep will increase the amount of water not only in the air, but also in your skin as you breath in the water filled air.

hot bath

3. Ban Hot Baths
And hot showers. The heat actually strips your skin of moisture. So take a warm bath or shower instead of a hot one.

skin oil

4. After A Bath Apply Oil
A trend this year is the use of skin oils instead of lotion because they can be used on hair, skin, and scalp. Lotions can’t really compete.

Stay tuned for more tips, and as always, contact Crutchfield Dermatology today for your skin care dermatology needs.

With cold weather comes dry skin. This is largely due…

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