How Mpls/St. Paul Magazine Picks It’s “Top Docs”

Charles Crutchfield III, MD on WCCO newsDr Crutchfield “Top Doctor 2005” on WCCO

Bill Hudson

(WCCO) Minneapolis Out of the thousands of doctors in Minnesota, about 600 make the cut as the “Top Doctors”, as determined by Mpls/St. Paul Magazine.

About every 18 months, the magazine makes its picks for the “top docs” and Dr. Charles Crutchfield III is happy and proud to be one of them.

“It carries a lot of clout,” Crutchfield said. “A lot of people look at the issue, save the issue and they kind of pick who they’re going to see.”

Crutchfield said the list is not complete, because there is someone who deserves to be on the list who is not: his father.

“He’s delivered 10,000 kids in St. Paul and if you’ve ever talked to anybody, they say what a great doctor he is,” Crutchfield said.

The Crutchfield family is one of the most celebrated medical families in Minnesota. Crutchfield’s mother was the first African American woman to graduate from the University of Minnesota’s medical school and his father is a renowned OB/GYN.

Brian Anderson, with Mpls/St. Paul Magazine said the “top docs” issue is by far its most popular.

“You know, I think people are always interested in how they could get good medical care,” Anderson said. “Typically, we sell around 20,000 copies of our magazine on the newsstands every month, this one we’ll sell 30,000.”

To determine the “top docs”, the magazine sends out a survey to 2,500 doctors and 2,500 nurses and asks, “If you or your loved one were in need of medical specialty care, who would you recommend?”

“We probably have 25 to 35 percent of the doctors who are on the list almost all the time,” Anderson said. “We’ve been doing this list now since 1992, and I think when we first started doing it, doctors were a little questionable, questioned it, wondered the validity of it, but they have accepted it now.”

Anderson said the toughest job magazine staff face is deciding who to put on the cover. This year, the cover doctor is Dr. James Sidman, an ENT pediatric specialist and surgeon for Children’s Surgery International.

“He just seemed to be a very trusting, reliable looking guy, so we thought, ‘Let’s put him on the cover’,” Anderson said.

For those that have a great doctor that didn’t make the list, the magazine said independent doctors have fewer colleagues who can vote for them, while doctors who work in a clinic often get more votes because they work with more people.

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