5 DIY Money Saving Beauty Tips

DIY Skin Care

The average women spends more than $1,000 per year on beauty products.  Read more carefully to see how you can save!

Make Your Bath Luxurious:

Don’t spend a bundle on bath salts. Instead, make your own by combining two cups Epsom salts and two drops essential oil.  Essential oils can be found online and in vitamin shops, health food stores, and in some drugstores.  Find your favorite scent, then add it to Epsom salts for a relaxing bath.

Trick for Puffy Eyes:

Fix a puffy under-eye by rubbing egg whites on it.  As the egg whites dry, you’ll feel the skin get tighter.  Leave on for a few minutes after it dries, then rinse off with cool water.  You can also try applying a few slices of cucumber or potato to your eyes and leaving on for 15 minutes.

Brighten Skin Naturally:

Rubbing a slice of pineapple or papaya onto your skin will help remove dead skin cells.  Leave for five minutes, then rinse off with water.  Alternatively, use olive oil mixed with salt for an abrasive action.

Callus Be Gone!

Get rid of ugly, unwanted calluses by dabbing them with chest rub, then covering them with bandages and leaving overnight.  Repeat this procedure several days in a row and your calluses will disappear in no time.  Believe or not, chest rub is also good for curing toenail fungus!

Surprising Use for a Coffee Bean:

to freshen your breath, try sucking on a coffee bean.  It’s must cheaper than a breath mint, and tastes great to us coffee addicts!

From: Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems by: Bruce Lubin & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin

The average women spends more than $1,000 per year on…