5 Necklace Fun Facts

NecklaceThe earliest necklaces dates back to the Stone Age, some 40,000 years ago.
Early necklaces were made of mollusc, bone, shells, small stones and teeth gathered from successful hunting trips.
Over time, metals such as iron, bronze, gold and silver were discovered which led to new options to add to classic necklace designs.
Necklaces are popular with both men and women alike. Women’s necklaces tend to be ornate and decorated with pendants, whereas men’s necklaces are typically simpler and referred to as chains.
Short necklaces fastened at the top of the neck are known as chokers. Necklaces that sit below the collar and above the chest are very popular, while long necklaces worn over clothes are the perfect touch to brighten up a winter’s outfit.
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The earliest necklaces dates back to the Stone Age, some…