Nips & Tucks

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine 2004Skin Sense
by Margaret Broeren
(Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine October 2004 page 154)

“Dermatology is more than advice on acne and dry skin. Here are four specialty services the field offers that just might surprise you.” Restylane: BOTOX® Cosmetic has a new ally in the fight against aging. Since the US Food and Drug Administration approved Restylane last December, the water and sugar based gel has been used in combination with BOTOX® Cosmetic to combat wrinkles more effectively. Continue reading Nips & Tucks

Dermatology Business Magazine

MD NewsDermatology Business Magazine: July Cover Story recognizes Dr. Crutchfield

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From Start-Up to Booming Business in Only Three Years
Charles E. Crutchfield III,MD

Dr. Charles Crutchfield has shown how even new dermatology practices can quickly become large successful businesses. His secret? Great ambition and good execution of a well-designed business plan.

By Jodi Norton
Photographs by John Wagner

Dermatologists thinking about starting their own practice often wonder how long it will take to turn it into a successful business. While buried in the normal details of starting a business – finding office space, recruiting staff, arranging financing that will allow it to pay its bills until it can generate revenue, etc. – it’s hard for these physicians to imagine running a profitable company in the foreseeable future much less a large enterprise in only a few years. Dr. Charles E. Crutchfield III should serve as an inspiration to these budding entrepreneurs.
Since its creation in January 2001, Crutchfield Dermatology has grown from a four- person operation into a booming enterprise consisting of 25 employees, with Dr. Crutchfield serving as the sole physician. Running a clinical practice, phototherapy center and DermiSpa, Dr. Crutchfield and his staff treat close to 140 patients per day – with appointments booked up six months in advance – and have already treated more than 15,000 unique patients from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, with an average of 24,000 patient visits per year. Continue reading Dermatology Business Magazine

Death Inspires Women to Battle Melanoma

Melanoma victimDonna Halvorsen, Star Tribune

For these three women, all in their 30s, the shock and fear came first. Next came a desire to tell the world about their experience with a dangerous form of skin cancer called melanoma.

Then, just one week before the women’s employer, the Minneapolis YWCA, planned an education campaign about melanoma, the deadly truth about the disease became apparent. Continue reading Death Inspires Women to Battle Melanoma

Audio Digest Continuing Medical Eduation Lecture Series – Dermatology Update

Volume 53, Issue 21, June 7, 2005

Dermatology Update: COMMON SKIN PROBLEMS —Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, and Director, Crutchfield Dermatology, Eagan, Minnesota. Dr. Crutchfield was recorded May 7, 2004, at the annual Family Practice Review, sponsored by the University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis.

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Star Tribune Botox

New wrinkle remover now in the dermatologists’ offices. Story by Donna Halvorsen, Star Tribune Published February 10, 2004

A grateful reaction after a Restylane treatment, photo by Jerry Hart

As a businesswoman, Jeanette Elasky always wants to look her best, and she’s game to do anything that will keep the effects of age from sneaking up on her. “You want to put your best image out there when you work with the public,” said Elasky, a Minneapolis furniture store owner Continue reading Star Tribune Botox

FDA Approves Restylane

restylane for wrinklesOn December 12, 2003, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Restylane®, an injection for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Restylane is the first and only FDA-approved cosmetic filler made of a biodegradable non-animal hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar based substance found in all living organisms and provides volume and fullness to the skin.

Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, the Director of Crutchfield Dermatology and Board Certified Dermatologist commented “Restylane is probably the most exciting non-surgical advancement in wrinkle reduction and cosmetic facial rejuvenation today. While there are numerous injectable fillers on the market (such as collagen and many others), many of them have their drawbacks ranging from allergic reactions to short life spans. Restylane is very safe and natural”. Continue reading FDA Approves Restylane