Ask A Dermatologist – Skin Care Regiments & Anti-Aging Products

M Magazine by MacysDr. Crutchfield featured in “Ask A Dermatologist” article on skin care in the premier issue of Macy’s Lifestyle Magazine “M”.

Ask A Dermatologist

Selecting the right prodcuts for your skincare needs can be overwhelming. If you have concerns, consult a skincare specialist or dermatologist who can help identify your particular needs. With that in mind, M turned to Minneapolis dermatologist Dr. Charles Crutchfield III for advice. This knowledge should help make your selections easier as you approach the cosmetics counters.

Macys Beauty TipsQ: I like to indulge my skin with treatments once in a while, and I’m hoping to look more youthful from them. What can I expect?

A: It’s great for everyone to be as pampered as they can. Trying new skincare programs can help you find something that works even better than what you’ve got now. Don’t try to look younger than your age–look fantastic for your age.

Q: Do I need an exfoliator, or is it hype?

A: Skin does exfoliate itself, but if it doesn’t shed normally, it can look dull, ashy, and dry. Using an exfoliator–but don’t scrub too hard–as a part of gentle cleansing regimen can help the process along.

Macys Magazine M Beauty TipsQ: Is it ever too early to use anti-aging products with SPF?

A: It’s never, ever, ever too soon to protect against the sun. One of life’s cruel ironies is that most people will receive 75 percent of their total lifetime sun exposure by age twenty-one. Your face gets the most sun exposure, so if you get a lot of sun, it will be reflected in your skin.

Q: Can a skincare product actually turn back the clock, or am I searching in vain?

A: The correction of skin problems that are associated with aging and ultraviolet damage is one of the fastest growing areas of skincare. The Baby Boomers really abused their skin–laying out on rooftops slathered in baby oil and using tinfoil–and many want to correct it to what it should like for their age. There’s no magic answer, and thousands of products. Try the ones that seem most appealing to you… and remember: Less is more. You want to look natural and beautiful. I tell patients you wnat your friends to be ‘enviously confused’ when they look at you.

Q: Speaking of ‘enviously confused,” I’m planning for a tropical getaway and want to get bikini-ready. Is there anything I can do about my stretch marks and wrinkles? How much time do I need?

A: We have medications now that really work to correct aging and damaged skin. But you can never change a scar back into normal skin. Do not let perfection be the enemy of the very good–looking for improvement, not looking brand new. Topical agents that work on wrinkles and stretch marks may take somewhere int he six-month range to see results.

Dr. Crutchfield featured in “Ask A Dermatologist” article on skin…