Crutchfield Dermatology gave her a big, yellow duck that she loves…

Rubber DickOur daughter had a skin rash that was distressing her mother and I, so we made an appointment to see Dr. Crutchfield. We arrived on time, filled out the paperwork, and after a typical wait for a medical office, we were taken by the friendliest staff who made our little girl feel like a princess. After Dr. Crutchfield made her feel very comfortable, examined her, and prescribed a cream, they gave her a big, yellow duck that she loves that now lives in the bathtub at home. Her rash cleared up and has not come back. It is the only doctor’s office our daughter has ever asked if she can go back to visit!


You too can get your very own rubber duck for your children. Bring them into Crutchfield Dermatology for a skin care appointment!

Face Cleared of Red Blotches

Acne treatment successI suffered from embarrassing red blotchy patches on my face for almost 10 years. I tried so many over the counter creams, but nothing worked. After my visit to Dr. Crutchfield, who advised me how to care for my skin and the prescribed cream, my face looks and feels amazing. I am no longer embarrassed and my friends and co-workers have all noticed. Thank you so much! -C.H.