Clean and easy Christmas tree removal

treeThe holidays have been over for weeks, but you’ve been dreading the removal of your Christmas tree, which has been shredding pine needles pretty much ever since you bought it.

To get a dead tree out of your house without too much mess behind you, find the biggest, strongest garbage bag you can.  Open it up so you can see the bottom, then place on the floor next to your tree.

Once you free the tree from its stand, place the trunk squarely in the middle of the bag, then work your way around the tree, pulling the bag up as far as you can over its branches.  (This is often easiest as a two-person job, with one person holding the tree and one person moving the bag.)  Even if you can’t get the bag all the way over your tree, you can still hold the bag in place while you carry the tree out to the curb.  By the time you get there, there will be a huge pile of needles at the bottom of the bag that never made it onto your carpet.

From: Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems by: Bruce Lubin & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin

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The holidays have been over for weeks, but you’ve been…