Does Drinking Coca-Cola Make Kids Hyperactive?

Parents are always looking for an excuse to explain their children’s bad behavior, and sugar has taken a lot of blame.

This may come as no surprise, but the Coca Cola Company doesn’t want to take responsibility, and make it very clear that studies have failed to find any substantial evidence proving a relationship between sugar consumption and hyperactivity.

Well, the company is correct. Sugar does feed the body as an energy source, but it doesn’t make kids hyperactive.

It is more likely that kids tend to eat sugary foods at times when they would be excited and rambunctious anyway (parties, holidays, movies, weddings funerals). This can only be good news for the producers of such fine healthy treats as Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries, Pixty Stix, cotton candy, and Laffy Taffy.

Source: Why Do Men Have Nipples by Mark Leyner