Does Pizza Cause Acne?

Acne not caused by Pizza

Foods do not cause acne. Many persons try all sorts of diets and are frustrated because these do not help. In some people, certain foods may make acne worse, but it does not cause it.

The most common foods are chocolate, nuts, and cola drinks. A few people who drink large quantities of milk (more than one quart per day) may find that this worsens their acne.

These trigger factors are rare; however, if you notice any of these foods tend to make your acne worse, you can avoid your personal acne triggers. Aggravation of acne by food varies from person to person. Many patients can eat chocolate without trouble, while others find that even a few pieces of chocolate will produce new pimples. As previously mentioned, if you notice there are certain foods that make your acne condition worse, certainly, avoid these.

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Foods do not cause acne. Many persons try all sorts…

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