My Name Was Toby book

Dog Book “My Name Is Toby”

My name is Toby, By Toby, Transcribed by Alan Miller

toby dog drawing

Going To School

So I got into trouble a few times – after all, I was only a puppy – and Sharon and Alan decided that perhaps I needed to go to school. I didn’t like the sound of it, but we went to a big place, and there were a bunch of other puppies there, and they didn’t like the sound of it either. But there I we went, week after week, and after a while it was fun. Not stuff like “roll over” things like that, but the rest of the training, and we really learned some things like how to behave in company, and heel, and not to pull on the leash. And best of all, when we did well, we got treats. Then, after weeks and weeks, we had final exams and went through all the tricks and commands that we learned. I did really well, and graduated Magna Cum Milkbone. I got my diploma, and graduation cap. And I was so proud.

Dog Certificate for Toby

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My name is Toby, By Toby, Transcribed by Alan Miller…