Best Doctors in America

Best Doctors believes that physicians are the most qualified to evaluate the experience and skill sets of other physicians. The Best Doctors survey asks physicians: “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?” Founded in 1989 by two physicians affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Best Doctors┬« is now considered the world┬╣s leading resource for patients, families, physicians seeking expert information and guidance to treat medical conditions of all kinds as well as cosmetic procedures. The responses form the basis of the Best Doctors’ global database, which has been consistently recognized by doctors, patients and the public for its quality and integrity. We analyze millions of evaluations and review as many as several hundred pertaining to a single doctor. Only those doctors rated the best by other doctors make our list. But we don’t stop there. Those doctors must pass not only review by their peers, but our own, which includes a check for licensing and certification requirements. A Best Doctors physician must then go through regular evaluations in order to maintain his status as one of The Best Doctors. Our methodology has set the industry standard since we invented it.

Only 4% of America’s physicians are selected as “Best Doctors in America”.

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Best Doctors believes that physicians are the most qualified to…

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