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Dr. CrutchfieldAsk a Derm

by Taylor Selcke

Dr. Charles Crutchfield of Crutchfield Dermatology in Eagan shares his advice on seeking treatment for those pesky skin problems.


What patient problems do you commonly treat?

Our clinic sees a wide range of issues pertaining to skin, hair, and nails. In addition to medical concerns, our skin and medi-spa performs a comprehensive range of aesthetic medical treatments to improve appearance, especially in the areas of the face, neck, and hands and in addressing cellulite.

Why should a patient use caution when thinking about seeking skin care–related treatment outside of a traditional dermatology office?

The difference could realistically mean the difference between healthy, quality results and years of difficulty and discomfort. A dermatology clinic should be visited any time a patient has a concern that requires treatments or medicines regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The most important consideration for any aesthetic treatment is the expertise and experience of the person performing it, not the advertised price.

How can patients avoid trips to the dermatologist’s office in the first place?

I am a major proponent of sunscreen as one of the most effective ways to protect skin. I also recommend quality moisturizers, especially in the dry months, and quality minerals for individuals who wear makeup.

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