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Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine 2004Skin Sense
by Margaret Broeren
(Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine October 2004 page 154)

“Dermatology is more than advice on acne and dry skin. Here are four specialty services the field offers that just might surprise you.” Restylane: BOTOX® Cosmetic has a new ally in the fight against aging. Since the US Food and Drug Administration approved Restylane last December, the water and sugar based gel has been used in combination with BOTOX® Cosmetic to combat wrinkles more effectively. “They’re like the Dynamic Duo” says Charles Crutchfield III, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota Medical School and medical director of Crutchfield Dermatology in Eagan. “They complement each other extremely well. BOTOX® Cosmetic relaxes the muscles that produce unwanted wrinkles, and Restylane fills in existing wrinkles.” It lasts up to 60 percent longer than collagen fillers and, unlike collagen, allergic reactions are almost nonexistent because Restylane is a natural substance that is identical across almost all species, Crutchfield says.

Skin Sense by Margaret Broeren (Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine October 2004…

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