Ashy Dry Skin Treatment

Dry Ashy Skin – What To Do About It

Hi, this is Dr. Charles Crutchfield clinical professor of dermatology and medical director at Crutchfield Dermatology.

Today we are going to talk about ashy or dry skin.

This is a problem that I see in all patients; but when one has tan,  brown, or dark brown skin, the dry skin tends to turn silvery white.

This is especially a problem in the dry cold winter months in Minnesota. This phenomenon is often referred to as having
ashy skin.

The most important component of any skin care program is gentle non-detergent cleansing of the skin using a really good moisturizing

Dr. Crutchfield’s Dry Skin Regimen

I recommend that lotion be applied immediately after you take a bath or a shower. Pat dry with a cotton towel and apply the
lotion liberally. I recommend either Dove or Vanicreme cleansing
bars and also Cerave or Amlactin ultra moisturizing lotions.

Using this program you can turn your skin around in two or three days. It’s a winning combination.

Hi, this is Dr. Charles Crutchfield clinical professor of dermatology…