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Friends of the Brave

Friends of the Brave is a group of people whose mission is to use their God given strengths and talents to provide assistance and support for our military, first responders and their families.

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Funds are raised through a variety of events and initiatives and then directed, but not limited to: rehabilitative, occupational and educational programs, individual groups and families, housing, service animal programs and other non-profits that support their mission.

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The organization is a continuation of an effort that started with a father honoring the unselfish request of his son who was deployed to Iraq to “Forget about me and do something for the soldiers and their families back home.” In addition, when the soldier arrived home he became a firefighter/paramedic. Recognizing that members of the military often continue a life of service as first responders – and also in recognition of the increasing danger law enforcement officers across our nation face every day – Friends of the Brave found it important to include those who serve in this way in its support efforts.

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Friends of the Brave Logo

The logo for Friends of the Brave is a meaningful design of two arms held together with a grip of each hand on the other’s forearm. This forearm grip is used in the military and the first responder community which helps Friends of the Brave show the crossover support of both groups. The significance is also to show a bond of strength that even if one hand were to let go of the grip, the bond would not be severed. The grip in a horizontal position shows a greeting of friendship, in the diagonal position it signifies the process of lifting someone up, and in the perpendicular position it reflects the belief of Friends of the Brave for all to be ultimately lifted up. 

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Since the creation of Friends of the Brave in 2016 as a non-profit 501(c)3, thousands of dollars have been donated to programs locally and nationally that are committed to doing significant work in support of  our military and first responders and their families including: The Minnesota 100 Club (, Luke’s Wings (, Project Delta (,) Tribute to the Troops National Education Fund (, and Tee it up for the Troops (

PAradeTo learn more about Friends of the Brave, including ways to support the organization via a donation, volunteering and/or participating in events and initiatives, visit the website at and follow their Facebook page at

Friends of the Brave is a group of people whose…