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Hair Conditioning… Placenta?

Tia Zolin Placenta, a hair conditioner used in many salons, is said to come from human placentas.  It is a straw-colored liquid- with a white sediment- that comes in a single-use sealed vial.  The vial is shaken and broken in a towel.  The liquid is massaged into the hair.  It is not rinsed out- if there really is placenta in Tia Zolin, it is in the hair of anyone who has just used it.

Where do they get human placentas?  Tia Zolin Placenta is manufactured by Hask, Inc., of Great Neck, New York.  In response to a letter asking about the product, a Hask vice-president confirmed that there is human material in Tia Zolin.  But what they call placenta comes from human umbilical cords, not placentas per se.  Hask says it gets the umbilical cords from hospitals “in much the same way that human blood and other vital organs are obtained.”

From: Big Secrets by: William Poundstone

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Tia Zolin Placenta, a hair conditioner used in many salons,…