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Look Calm & Collected Instead of Angry

Woman with angry lines on faceLook angry even when your not? Want to know how you can look calm, cool, & collected at any age? You aren’t alone, and It’s not really that big of a secret. The answer is actually quite popular.

You can look calmer with a gentle Botox injection between your brows.

We hear it all the time from our cosmetic dermatology patients before they get their Botox treatment, “I am always told I look angry, even when I’m not.”

Why You Look Angry (Even When You Aren’t)

What is happening is that the muscles under your skin that form expressions are causing that permanent frown wrinkle between your eyebrows. It’s a sort of muscle-memory happening taking place. Over years of making the same expression, your muscles are causing the expression you’ve made for years to become that of permanent scowling, even when you aren’t consciously engaging them. It’s unfortunate, but the good news is there’s something you can do about it.

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While Botox isn’t the only option for smoothing out your brow, it’s surely one of the most popular options.

What You Can Do About It

With only a few drops of Botox injected expertly into certain areas of the brow, you can have dramatic results in the appearance of your face and look. The tricky part is that it’s an art, not only a science. Your results depend largely on the doctor that is performing the injection. From how much Botox to inject, to where exactly in the muscle to place the injection for the optimal look being achieved on your face.

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Look angry even when your not? Want to know how…

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