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Lipodissolve: the facts, research, and truth: Dr Lycka & Dr Crutchfield

mesotherapyLipodissolve is claimed to be a magic injection to remove unwanted body fat. It is also the subject of some controversy in the media and medical profession with often strong emotions which are not always tied to scientific reality. So what to believe? This week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, Dr Barry Lycka welcomes a re-knowned expert on Lipodissolve, Minneapolis-based Dr Charles Crutchfield, to explain his recent paper on Lipodissolve. Dr Crutchfield explains what is lipodissolve, how it works for body sculpting, and introduces the 8 years of results which have been published by himself & Dr Khalid Mahmud. He gives clear information about how the treatment should be performed, and by whom. He also explains who are ideal patients for lipodissolve, and who are not and provides important information about possible side effects and how they can be avoided.

Lipodissolve: the facts, research, and truth: Dr Lycka & Dr…