Woman applying lip balm

Is Lip Balm Addictive?

lip balm chapped lipsWhen you search the Internet these days, you realize that some people have far too much time on their hands. Conspiracy theorists seem to have it out for many commercial products. Websites claim that lip balm can manufactures lace their products with addictive substances, and lip balm companies use the Internet to refute these claims.

Lip balms may be habit forming, but they certainly aren’t addictive. Carmex, which has been accused of containing acid and ground-up fiberglass, contains salicylic acid, which is closely related to aspirin. The salicylic acid works as a pain reliever and as a drying agent but is not addictive. Chap Stick contains white petrolatum (petroleum jelly), lanolin (a wool grease), and padimate O (sunscreen). Nothing addictive either.

When you search the Internet these days, you realize that…