Is there Eggshell in Orange Julius?

Orange JuliusIt has been rumored that the secret behind this frothy mall fare is whole eggs- shells and all.  Orange Julius is made by mixing orange juice with a mysterious white powder supplied by the company headquarters in Santa Monica, California.  Thus the average Orange Julius employee has little idea what is in the drink.  If there are eggshells in the drink, they would have to be a component of that white powder.

The drink has an egglike smell. A recipe for a simulated “Orange Julius” has long been circulating.  It calls for eight ounces of orange juice, one tablespoon of sugar syrup (mix sugar with just enough boiling water to dissolve), an egg, and about half a cup of crushed ice.  All ingredients are mixed in a blender.  Some people use the fluid part of the egg only; others throw the shell in too.

No bits of eggshell are apparent in a real Orange Julius.  Big Secrets tried the above recipe, with the eggshells, to see if the shell fragments could be pulverized into invisibility.  A whole, unbroken egg was plopped into eight ounces of orange juice, some syrup, and crushed ice in an Osterizer Galaxie blender.  The blender was set on “Lifquefy,” the highest setting.  After five minutes- far longer than the mixture would normally be blended – the liquid was pured out to check for shell fragments.  The shell was still visible as a fine powder settled on the bottom of the blending chamber.

A letter asking about the eggshell store was sent to Orange Julius’ headquarters.  Orange Julius’ reply: “There are no eggshells in an Orange Julius unless specifically requested by the customer.”

From: Big Secrets by: William Poundstone

It has been rumored that the secret behind this frothy…