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Mountain vs. Hill

When Do Fish SleepAlthough we think you are making a mountain out of a molehill, we’ll answer this Imponderable anyway.  Most American geographers refer to a hill as a natural elevation that is smaller than 1,000 feet.  Anything above 1,000 feet is usually called a mountain.  In Great Britain, the traditional boundary line between hill and mountain is 2,000 feet.
Still, some geographers are not satisfied with this definition.  “Hill” conjures up rolling terrain; “mountains” connote abrupt, peaked structures.  A mound that rises two feet above the surrounding earth may attain an elevation of 8,000 feet, if it happens to be located in the middle of the Rockies, whereas a 999-foot elevation, starting from a sea-level base, will appear massive.  For this reason, most geographers feel that “mountain” may be used for elevations under 1,000 feet if they rise abruptly from the surrounding terrain.
The Oxford English Dictionary states that “hill” may also refer to non-natural formations, such as sand heaps, mounds, or, indeed molehills.

Although we think you are making a mountain out of…