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Beautiful Skin Is Mine

I loved my time with Crutchfield Dermatology. My skin is beautiful now and I am very grateful for the kind and helpful staff as well as Dr. Crutchfield for offering solutions to my skin problems and doing-so with a smile! -G.C.

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No More Itching

Thank you, Dr. Crutchfield. The late night scratching phase has disappeared. The dark blotches and scales have started to lighten up and become smooth again. I’m looking forward to wearing sandals and showing my feet this summer. -R.S.

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Dermatitis Relief!

One visit to Dr. Crutchfield and I already see improvements on my Dermatitis. I have been trying to treat this for 2 years on my own with steroid creams. I am so thankful for Dr. Crutchfield and his team! I finally am getting the relief I have been looking for. -N.V.

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Skin Conditions

I have severe PUPPS and I feel very miserable and I can’t sleep at all. After I see Dr. Crutchfield, my PUPPS is gone and I feel happy again. I would recommend Dr. Crutchfield to anybody who has skin problems or PUPPS like me. Thank you, Dr. Crutchfield, you are the friendliest and best doctor. …

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