Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis Alba – What is it and is it treatable?

Hi, this is Dr. Charles Crutchfield clinical professor of dermatology and medical director at Crutchfield Dermatology.

What Is Pityriasis Alba?

Today we are talking about a condition called Pityriasis Alba; these are the white patches often seen on the cheeks of children. Pityriasis Alba is a very common condition where the white spots or patches occur on the face especially cheeks and also arms of children and adolescents.

Some reports indicate that it effects twenty five percent of all children of color.

Is Pityriasis Alba Treatable?

These white spots are the result of dry skin and mild irritation that cause the cells that produce color to stop producing color. The loss of color in this condition is usually only temporary and dermatologists have excellent treatments to make the condition a lot better very fast.

If you suffer from this condition talk to your doctor for a great