Essence, Best Way To Even Skin Tone

Dr. Charles E. Crutchfield “One of the things I’ve learned in my practice is that it’s better to prevent black spots. Keep the skin hydrated and protect against sun exacerbation. To fade away hyperpigmentation, use multiple approaches. Sometimes lots of little things working together will act synergistically for a very pleasing result.”

All About Acne

Original Article PDF Many of us complain at times about our ‘acne’. But what most of us are experiencing is simply an annoying pimple or two. Real acne can be a debilitating problem that can leave a sufferer emotionally and physically scarred. Dermatologist Charles Crutchfield MD, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota Medical …

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FDA Acne Laser

Already approved by the FDA for general dermatological use including dermal remodeling and wrinkle reduction, the additional approval to market the Aramis laser for the treatment of acne will provide patients with a new non-ablative treatment option, with a shorter treatment cycle and no side effects as an alternative to powerful drugs, antibiotics, topical creams …

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