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Minority Affairs Service Award

MMA Award Presentation of the Minority Affairs Meritorious Service Award

Charles Crutchfield III, MD

Tonight we are pleased to represent the MMA Foundation’s Minority Affairs Meritorious Service Award to Dr. Charles Crutchfield III.

Dr. Crutchfield is well recognized in our community and throughout the country for his work as a physician and dermatologist. He is consistently named one of Minnesota’s Top Doctors by Mpls/St. Paul Magazine and was recently cited as a top dermatologist for women by Minnesota Monthly magazine.

Nationally, Black Enterprise magazine named him one of the top 10 dermatologists in the United States and the Atlanta Post has named him one of the top 21 African-American physicians in the United States. According to U.S. News and World Report, Dr. Crutchfield is one of the best dermatologists in the United States.

His expertise is sought after by the media. He has appeared on WCCO, NBC, CNN, and has been featured in other local and national media.

You can see that Dr. Crutchfield’s excellence in his field and his contributions to the profession of medicine are well-known and highly regarded.

But if I may, let me assert that the modest award we are about to present recognizes Dr. Crutchfield for something that may have even more impact than what we have seen so far. I am talking about Dr. Crutchfield’s generous, consistent and tireless work with young people, introducing them to medicine as a profession and inspiring them to pursue it as a career.

Dr. Jo Peterson, executive director of Minnesota’s Future Doctors, nominated Dr. Crutchfield for this award. She noted Dr. Crutchfield’s volunteer mentorship and preceptorship of the students who participate in Minnesota’s Future Doctors. She also cited his “many hours developing pre medical program events on our campus” over the past five years. But it’s not just the hours. It’s the impact!

Of that, Dr. Peterson wrote:

  • “Dr. Crutchfield’s work with our black/African American students, among others, has been life changing for them. Without a doubt, his decision to mentor Cybill Otitikpi helped launch her medical school acceptance to Temple University School of Medicine [in the fall of 2011]. In addition, his time spent with Yusuf Opakunle was a key in helping him matriculate to medical school in New York. [He started last] August.”

When Dennis Kelly, mentioned this award to one of the MMA Foundation scholarship recipients, Vanessa Ozomaro responded, “Of course! Dr. Crutchfield spoke to us about medical school when I was in Carlton.”

By his example, Dr. Crutchfield sets high standards- in his practice of medicine, in giving back to the community, and in nurturing the aspirations of future physicians. I suggest that if only a handful of young people he has inspired follow that example, Dr. Crutchfield’s greatest contributions are yet to be seen.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to give you this award. You have clearly demonstrated your passion for medicine and your commitment to our youth by dedicating your time, energy, and personal resources to encouraging their efforts and helping them prepare to succeed.

Dr. Crutchfield, please accept this award along with our thanks and heartfelt congratulations.


Date: 1/25/2013
Re: Dr. Crutchfield Award
From: Vanessa N Ozomarro
To: Dennis Kelly

Hi Dennis,

I just read your email last night, so I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Thanks for letting me know about Dr. Crutchfield’s award presentation! I am very excited, yet not surprised, that he is being honored for his amazing service to the medical community.

Just for clarification my first contact with Dr. Crutchfield was when I served as president of the Minority Students Pre-health Coalition student group at Carlton College. I was in the process of raising money for our group to attend pre-medical conference. I was given Dr. Crutchfield’s contact information by a former student, and I reached out to him, without any hesitation, he offered to pay for our entire group to attend the conference.

I became more familiar with Dr. Crutchfield’s dedication to helping pre-medical students when I took his Human Cutaneous Biology course at Carlton College. This was my first time actually meeting him and it was very motivating to be taught by an African American physician as accomplished and passionate as Dr. Crutchfield. I’ve had numerous other opportunities to work with him as a medical student at the University of MN through med school courses and through the Student National Medical Association. Again, I am continually inspired by his devotion to students and unwavering willingness to assist them in their career.

I am not sure if I’ll be able to make it to the meeting today, and if I can’t, please send my congratulations to Dr. Crutchfield.

Have a wonderful day,

100 Influential Health Care Leaders

influential health care leadersCharles E. Crutchfield III, MD

Crutchfield Dermatology

Medical Director; Clinical Professor of Dermatology, University of Minnesota Medical School

Interesting projects:
I co-authored a children’s book centered on sun protection and Little League Baseball to appeal to children of all backgrounds. We are proud of the result and hope it will have a lasting impact on children and their families. I also participate in the Future Doctors program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, mentoring and shadow-hosting dozens of premedical students of color. It has been rewarding to see many of the students now enrolled in
medical school.

Biggest challenges:
Maintaining the privilege, value, and quality of the patient-physician relationship. I frequently hear patients express frustration at being unable to see the doctor of their choosing due to insurance changes. They are losing longstanding physician relationships, which detracts from quality care. I strongly support patients’ ability to access a physician of their choice.

Best Doctor for Women

Best Women Doctor MinneaapolisPhysicians in 38 Specialties Receive Acknowledgement for Exceptional Care and Commitment to Female Patients
Eagan, MN- October 6, 2011- Crutchfield Dermatology is proud to recognize Dr. Crutchfield for his 6th consecutive nomination as a Best Doctor for Women in 2011 conducted by Minnesota Monthly Magazine. This award highlights doctors in their respective fields for outstanding care and commitment to patients. With a patient base of over 40,000, it is evident that at Crutchfield Dermatology, Quality Matters. More information on Crutchfield Dermatology can be obtained at (http://www.crutchfielddermatology.com)

According to Minnesota Monthly, “Over 10,000 physicians are asked to nominate their peers for this prestigious nomination; respondents are asked to name the doctors they would recommend to female family members, friends and loved ones.”  The magazine also notes that “respondents are instructed to Continue reading Best Doctor for Women