Lose Love Handles by Zeltiq

If you exercise and still have a hard time losing those love handles then the revolutionary treatment Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is for you. It freezes away unwanted fat in hard to reach places, like the sides of the back and tummy.

Take a Lose the Love handles before and after images coolsculptinglook at these before and after images of a successful Coolsculpting treatment. No need for Liposuction or plastic surgery. Coolsculpting is the effective way to lose fat from your body.


Non-Invasive Fat Removal

Webtalk RadioWhat was a dream several years ago, has now become a reality for several people: Unwanted fat can now be frozen away; at least according to reports from Charles Crutchfield, professor of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota. “Its truly  amazing,” says Crutchfield., “up to 20% of the fat cells can be removed in one sitting.”

Based on a process Harvard researchers discovered while studying children sucking on popsicles. This  process is called CoolSculpting, and a company called Zeltiq perfected the methodology. It has been done safely on thousands of people.

Dr. Barry Lycka, one of the foremost cosmetic dermatologists in the world, interviews Dr. Crutchfield on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on www.WebTalkRadio.net, your number one source of cosmetic surgery information.