John Hancock Paid A Lot To Eat Fresh Fish

The most flamboyant signature on the Declaration of Independence belonged to John Hancock, and that seems only fitting. The wealth he acquired by inheriting and growing his uncle’s mercantile firm enabled Hancock to live and eat with a lot of style.

Salmon filet

To acquire one of the first salmon of the season, he paid a guinea—an amount equal to a full week’s wage for most skilled English craftsmen.

cod fillet

Hancock was known for the elaborate codfish dinners that he hosted. He so loved the cod found in Massachusetts Bay that even after advancing British troops forced him to flee Boston, Hancock paid to have codfish from the bay shipped to his temporary homes in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Source: What The Great Ate

Ever wonder why witches ride brooms?

Witch on broomAccording to some accounts, women once used brooms not only for sweeping but also for balance when crossing streams, traveling over rough terrain, and even for vaulting over small obstacles.  Because of this image of women and their brooms, it was a natural extension to imagine supernatural witches flying about on broomsticks. 

From: More Ever Wonder Why? By: Douglas B. Smith

How Far Can a Pumping Heart Squirt Blood?

A pumping human heart can squirt blood a distance of 30 feet.

From: 1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Our Socks Off by: John Lloyd, John Mitchinson, and James Harkin


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Color Trend 2013

2013 Trend ColorPantone’s color of the year announcement usually comes with people scrambling to psycho-analyse how the color is “encouraging and uplifting” (Honeysuckle in 2011), or “hope and reassurance” (Mimosa in 2009), or “a touch of exoticism” that’s just right for the times (Tigerlily in 2004).

This year: Pantone’s color of the year for 2013 is Emerald (shown in the center.)

It is surrounded by previous colors of the year, clockwise from top left: Tangerine Tango (2012), Honeysuckle (2011), Turquoise (2010), Mimosa (2009), Blue Iris (2008), Chili Pepper (2007), Sand Dollar (2006), Blue Turquoise (2005), Tigerlily (2004), Aqua Sky (2003), True Red (2002) and Fuchsia Rose (2001).