Justice Makes a Difference Book

By Dr. Artika Tyner and Jacklyn Milton

Justice Makes A Difference

Book excerpt:

One day when Justice was visiting, Grandma asked, “What is in your hands to make a difference in the world?”
What can I do? Justice wondered. I am only eight years old. How can I make a difference?
Grandma served in the church. She fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, clothed those in need, and visited the sick. Grandma described this this as living out her faith.
Justice wanted to be like her grandma. She wanted to know how she could live out her faith.

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Famous Everyday Inventions From Minnesotans

You might be surprised at how many everyday things were invented by Minnesotans.

Pop up toaster

The Pop-up Toaster

In the early 1900s, the electric toaster was not much more than a wire cage next to a heating filament. The user had to flip the bread and remove it when it was done, which led to a lot of burned toast. In 1919, a stillwater, Minnesota, factory worker named Charles Strite figured out how to have the toast pop up automatically. The Toastmaster, which incorporated his designs, was first sold to the public in 1926. Continue reading Famous Everyday Inventions From Minnesotans

4 Things To Do To Stay Lice-free During Holiday Gatherings

Family gatherings for the holidays are one of the best ways to create fond memories. Nitpickerz Lice Removal service suggests some simple things you and your family can do to avoid getting lice at large events.

ponytail hairdoKeep Hair Close To Your Head

Tying hair back in ponytails, buns, or into braids makes it difficult for lice to get onto your head (lice can’t hop or jump, but they can grab onto your hair). Continue reading 4 Things To Do To Stay Lice-free During Holiday Gatherings

Minnesota’s Grape Expectations – Wine History

Minnesota vintners’ passion for wine and the efforts of local scientists have created a wine industry in a state more often associated with ice fishing, snowmobiles, and beer.wine grapes of minnesota

In some ways, Southern Minnesota is well suited to producing wine grapes. After all, the famous French vineyards in Bordeaux grow at a latitude of 45 degrees north, the same as Minneapolis. There’s a catch, of course: Bordeaux doesn’t have Minnesota’s short growing season and those killer winters where temperatures drop to -30 degrees.
This fact didn’t stop Minnesota wine lovers who tried to grow wine-producing grapes despite the climate. One of the first was August Schell, who founded the Schell Brewery in 1860. Schell planted vineyards on his estate to make wine for his family, and he did cultivate a small crop, but it was a challenging process. Continue reading Minnesota’s Grape Expectations – Wine History

The 5 Things To Clean In Your House If You’ve Had Lice

“It’s important to know that after 24 hours of a lice nit or louse being off of your head, it can no longer survive & it dies. That’s great news! With this fact in mind, know that you’ll really only need to concentrate on cleaning those areas of your house or apartment that the infected person/people frequented within the last 24 hours.” –Angie Anderson, lice removal expert

mom shampoos lice

5 Things To Clean If You’ve Had Lice


  • Change sheets on any of the bed’s the infested person might have slept in within the last 24 hours. Wash and dry the sheets in HOT temperatures or set aside in the dirty laundry hamper for more than 24 hours. (Any lice will die after 24 hours.) Remove any comforters or bedspread and dry on high heat for 30-45 minutes or simply set aside for more than 24 hours.

Continue reading The 5 Things To Clean In Your House If You’ve Had Lice