Why does string cheese “string” when torn apart?

When Do Fish SleepIf you read Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? And Other Imponderables, and shame on you if you haven’t, you know that newspapers tear easily in a vertical position because all the fibers are lined up in the same direction when pulp is put into the papermaking machine. String cheese works on exactly the same principle.

When producing string cheese, the cheese curd is formed into a large mass and then stretched mechanically. The stretching causes the protein fibers to line up in a parallel fashion. According to Tamara J. Hartweg, of Kraft, “This physical modification of the protein structure is what causes the stringing quality of the cheese. When peeled, the protein fibers, which are aligned in one direction, come off in strings.”

Ten Best Cruises

10 best book1. Nile Cruises in Egypt (www.sonesta.com)

2. Sea Cloud (www.seacloud.com)

3. Road to Mandalay (www.orient-express.com)

4. Three Gorges in China (www.china-business-travel.com/packages)

5. Crystal Cruises (www.crystalcruises.com)

6. Seabourn Cruise Line (www.seabourn.com)

7. Star Clippers (www.starclippers.com)

8. Windstar Cruises (www.windstar.com)

9. Silversea Cruises (www.silversea.com)

10. Radisson Seven Seas (www.rssc.com)

Top 10 Biggest Capacity Arenas in the NBA

top 101. Detroit Pistons – The Palace of Auburn Hills (22,076)

2. Chicago Bulls – United Center (21,711)

3. Philadelphia 76ers – Wells Fargo Center (21,600)

4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Quicken Loans Arena (20,562)

5. Minnesota Timberwolves – Target Center (20,500)

6. Washington Wizards – Verizon Center (20,173)

7. Portland Trail Blazers – Rose Garden Arena (19,980)

8. Utah Jazz – EnergySolutions Arena (19,911)

9. Toronto Raptors – Air Canada Center (19,800)

10. New York Knicks – Madison Square Garden (IV) – (19,763)


Does a Candle Flame Remove Earwax?

why-do-men-have-nipplesExcessive amounts of earwax can cause decreased hearing or pain, but this is no reason to start lighting your heard on fire. “Ear candling,” or coning, involves placing a cone-shaped device in the ear canal and, with the help of smoke or a burning wick, removing earwax. The companies that make these devices claim many other health benefits. The FDA and the Canadian government disagree, and both have come out against these fraudulent claims. In most cases earwax will come out on its own, and if not, you should see your doctor. Avoid these silly products and save the cones for your ice cream.

Is It Ever Really Too Cold To Snow?

When Do Fish SleepHaving withstood a few snowy Midwestern winters in our time, we’re not sure we would want to test this hypothesis personally. Luckily, meteorologists have.

No, it never gets too cold to snow, but at extremely low temperatures the amount of snow accumulation on the ground is likely to be much lower than at 25 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Raymond E. Falconer, of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, SUNY at Albany, there is so little water vapor available at subzero temperatures that snow takes the shape of tiny ice crystals, which have little volume and do not form deep piles. But at warmer temperatures more water vapor is available, “so the crystals grow larger and form snowflakes, which are an agglomerate of ice crystals.” The warmer the temperature is, the larger the snowflakes become.

What determines the size of the initial snow crystals? It depends upon the distribution of temperature and moisture from the ground upon the distribution of temperature and moisture from the ground up to the cloud base. If snow forming at a high level drops into much drier air below, the result may be no accumulation whatsoever. In the condition known as “virga,” streaks of ice particles fall from the base of a cloud but evaporate completely before hitting the ground.

Sticky Drawer? Try This!

Who Knew BookIf you’ve been fussing with a drawer that won’t open, it’s probably expanded due to humidity. Dry it out with a hair dryer, or place a work lamp with a 60-watt bulb inside and leave for 30 minutes. Once you can get the drawer out, rub its runners or anywhere else it seems to be sticking with a bar of soap or a candle. This should grease it up enough to get it moving again.