Double Entendre – Definition

Double Entendre

Meaning: A double meaning.

Do Double Entendres Mean What You Think They Do?

A double entendre is a subtle literary device that uses one statement to convey two very different meanings. Taken literally, a double entendre is usually an innocent statement that has no ironic or inappropriate overtones. Taken another way, the same statement often can mean something too indelicate to be said in polite company. A double entendre can also work in reverse, with an apparently dirty joke turning out to have an innocent intent. Continue reading Double Entendre – Definition

7 Teen Slang Words & What They Mean

Halloween Group of teensOn fleek

Source: Hello Beautiful

Have you heard someone say an outfit is “on fleek”?  This phrase blew up last year, and now it seems that everyone’s shoes, eyebrows, and hair are “on fleek,” or sometimes just “fleek.” The term was likely inspired by Nicki Minaj’s song “Feeling Myself.” It means roughly the same thing as being top-notch, but also implies that someone put a lot of effort into their look and the compliments are well deserved. Continue reading 7 Teen Slang Words & What They Mean