Fire and Ice Facial

Fire & Ice Facial – A Celebrity Favorite

So your skin is absolutely glowing, treat yourself a day or two beforehand with our “Fire & Ice” facial. AKA the Red Carpet facial. Voted celebrity facial of the year by InStyle magazine.

Fire & Ice Spa Facial

By far, our most popular facial ever. This phenomenal facial is not a peel, though you get similar results to a peel. Try it, and later when you are receiving compliments about your skin, you can mentally thank us!

This is a results-focused treatment with a reputation for being brisk, it’s full of sensory stimulation that really works and dazzles.

This intensive clinical-style spa facial treatmentĀ incorporates both active and soothing formulas, uses hints of aromatic “hot” cinnamon and soothing “cool” peppermint. Which work together, rapidly and safely resurfacing your skin; reducing the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles, all while smoothing, softening & encouraging cellular renewal of your face’s skin.

The centerpiece of this remarkable treatment system is a combination of two hot & cold facial masques followed by a unique combinations of serums & cremes.

cinnamon“Fire” Cinnamon

This rich warming masque is effectively designed to rapidly and safely exfoliate the skin, which boosts collagen production. Generally this cinnamon-type mask won’t stay on your skin any longer than about 5 minutes. Though some people can tolerate it for far less time. This phase of the facial may tingle or feel hot to the skin of your face, or a combination of sensations, but very moderately, and can be whisked away very easily by our esthetician who then neutralizes it.

peppermint“Ice” Peppermint

This is the rejuvenating portion of this special facial, with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, herbal antioxidants, and soothing aloe vera. The aroma of chilled mint wafts about your skin.

This is excellent for all skin types and every age. This facial results in a complexion that is dramatically refined.

Facial treatment includes: pore opening steam & stimulating massage.

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So your skin is absolutely glowing, treat yourself a day…