Minnesota State Fair

Top 5 Minnesota State Fair Foods Not to Miss! (Plus 1 from Charles Crutchfield)

Sidney Schultz Nurse at Crutchfield DermatologyBe sure to try these 5 delectable foods from the Minnesota State Fair. Top 5 by Sidney Schultz, Nurse at Crutchfield Dermatology

Wild Rice Burger from the Minnesota State Fair

1. Wild Rice Burger from Wild Rice Specialties

This one is hands down the best burger I’ve ever eaten and my all-time favorite food at the fair. Super gooey, and cheesy, and hot- it won’t disappoint! Usually there’s a coupon for this one in the Blue Book!

Breakfast Burrito from MN State Fair

2. Breakfast Burrito from El Sol Mexican foods

This is the first thing I like to eat when I get to the fair. This burrito contains chorizo, egg, potato, and cheese and salsa if you want. The only problem is that they stop selling them after 10:30 am!

Georgia Peaches at the MN State Fair

3. Georgia Peaches from the Produce Exchange

This one sounds really silly because I go to the fair for fried food, not healthy food, but the peaches from this stand are to die for! I get one every day. They are super juicy and sweet and a nice break from fried food.

Fudge Puppy from Mn State Fair

4. Fudge Puppy from Granny’s Kitchen

This one is my favorite sweet treat and there’s usually a coupon in the Blue Book for this one as well.

A fudge puppy is a Belgium waffle dipped in chocolate and then covered in other toppings like sprinkles, whipped cream, caramel, etc.

Turkey Sandwich MN State Fair

5. Turkey Sandwich from Turkey-To-Go

I’m not a big turkey fan but this sandwich is too good to pass up. They are warm and juicy and big enough to share!

Nitro Ice Cream MN State Fair


Dr. Crutchfield gives his highest recommendation to “Nitro Ice Cream” in the Food Building.  It is his very favorite treat at the Fair!!!

Be sure to try these 5 delectable foods from the…