What Do Hopitals Do With Circumcised Foreskin?


Foreskins removed during hospital circumcisions are sometimes sold to biotech labs, since young skin is ideal for researching skin for burn vitamins, insulin manufacture, and also making skin creams for ladies.  One infant foreskin can be grown into literally thousands of square feet of new tissue.  No wise-guy comments necessary.
Cost? Prices vary according to cell quality.  A product called Dermagraft-TC goes for about $3,000 a square foot. One baby’s loss typically contains enough generic material to develop 250,000 square feet of new skin.  Do the math.  You’ll see the potential of the foreskin futures market.  (Do parents get royalties?)
Seekers of research foreskin can contact companies such as Advanced Tissue Sciences (ATS), Organogenesis, BioSurface Technology, Genzyme, and Ortec International.

From: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Everything by the editors of Discovery Magazine & Dean Christopher