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Coolsculpting vs. Zerona

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Dr. Crutchfield, what is the difference between CoolSculpting and Zerona treatments for getting rid of unwanted fat?

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Things to consider:

* CoolSculpting is the first device cleared for the fat reduction! – Zerona is cleared for non-invasive body contouring (circumferential reduction) and NOT for fat reduction.

* CoolSculpting selectively & reliably eliminates fat in TARGETED problem areas – Zerona cannot target where the reduction will occur. It can only claim total contouring & circumference reduction (no telling where the 3.5 inches will come from)

* CoolSculpting KILLS the targeted fat cells – Zerona cannot claim fat-cell elimination. The fat cells are diminished in size but do remain in place. In fact, their own study claims that this change may be temporary and more studies are necessary. In fact, what you see 2 weeks post treatment in their study are test patients starting to gain their fat back!

* CoolSculpting has no post treatment requirements, diet or exercise regiments. CoolSculpting kills the fat cell! -Zerona requires patients must be willing to maintain regular diet & exercise during treatment -Zerona Patients must give up caffeine & alcohol for 1 month & must exercise – 2 weeks before treatment & 2 weeks during treatment – Exercise 30 minutes a day – Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day

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Question: Dr. Crutchfield, what is the difference between CoolSculpting and…

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