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Woman with red itchy bumps after staying in Hotel – Case of the Month

woman red splotches

A 48 year old woman reports multiple, red, pruritic bumps on her trunk. She just returned from New York 3 days ago.  The bumps appeared after the first night she stayed in the hotel. She reports that she kept her suitcase open on the other bed during her 4 day visit. After inspecting her suitcase she found little tiny black “specks” I her suitcase and in her bed sheets.  She brought them in for me to examine.  I took a macro photo of one of the specks and here is what one of the specks looked like:

What is your diagnosis?

Diagnosis: Bedbugs (Cimex)

Bed Bug

Bed bugs are name as such because they usually like to live in warm areas such as bedrooms/beds. They are most active at night, but can also be active throughout the day. They usually feed on human hosts without being noticed. There is an epidemic of bedbugs in many hotels. They are found in all hotels, both expensive and not-so-expensive. Their full biologic name is Cimex lectularius.

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A 48 year old woman reports multiple, red, pruritic bumps…