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Running & Walking To Help

Crutchfield Dermatology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2012 to promote good health in Minnesota. Providing scholarships & creating articles, educational presentations, online materials, and books. Successes include the Foundation’s support of a one-of-a-kind lectureship on ethnic skin at the University of Minnesota, and publishing and distributing a children’s book protecting skin from solar damage. One of the Foundation’s premiere events is its annual 5K. Which has been successful raising funds benefitting the American Academy of Dermatology’s Camp Discovery.

About Camp Discovery

Formed in 1993, Camp Discovery offers a summer camping experience unlike any other. Every year, the American Academy of Dermatology sponsors a week of fun activities for campers under the expert care of dermatologist and nurses. Camp Discovery offers campers the opportunity to spend a week among other young people who have similar skin conditions. To learn more about Camp Discovery visit, http://www.campdiscovery.org.