Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of my medical records?

Click here to find & print our medical release forms & any other additional new patient forms.

How much does it cost to treat my condition?

We don't provide pricing over the phone - we would need to do a consultation with you in person to provide you with a complete evaluation that will determine the cost.

I am a new patient, how far out does Crutchfield Dermatology usually book out new patient appointments?

Typically we will be able to see you within 4 weeks time. We have cancellations on a regular basis, so feel free to check with us periodically to see if we have openings sooner that are convenient.

Does Crutchfield Dermatology accept my insurance?

Check with your insurance provider prior to be being seen to verify your coverage. With slight variations we take most insurances.

How early should I be arrive for my appointment?

We recommend arriving a few minutes early on your first appointment to make sure we have all of your paperwork in order, but after that you should be fine arriving on time.

I have a mole that I am worried about. How do I make sure that it is evaluated in a timely manner?

We certainly understand how important this situation is and we want to provide you with both peace of mind and the appropriate evaluation.

Please clearly inform the scheduling telephone staff that you have a mole that you are very concerned about.

If you are an established patient, we will have you discuss it with one of our triage nursing staff who will make sure that Dr. Crutchfield sees you in a timely manner; usually within one week, if appropriate.

If you are a new patient, please contact your primary care provider for evaluation. Upon your primary care provider's request we will, whenever possible, make sure that you are seen within one week and often on the very same day. Dr. Crutchfield reserves 2 appointment slots per day for primary care providers with patients who have acute skin care needs.
Mole Removal Treatment Information

Is there a cure for psoriasis?

Unfortunately, no. Psoriasis is a chronic medical condition. My focus when I treat psoriasis is more of clearing, maintenance, and control. Just like having other chronic medical condition like high blood pressure for example, medications can be used to bring the condition under control and into the normal range. That’s really my goal when I am treating psoriasis. Oftentimes, I will use a combination of treatments including topical medicals, phototherapy treatments, systemic medications, and some of the new biologic treatments for best control in patients. Once again, my focus in psoriasis is to get the condition clear or nearly clear and then shift into a maintenance mode when things are under good control.
Psoriasis Treatment Information

Both my son and daughter are struggling with acne, and I have told them they need to wash their face regularly and also decrease their intake of pizza and soda. Dr. Crutchfield, do you agree with this?

Yes and no. The textbooks all say that acne is not exacerbated by food such as pizza or cola and face washing can have a minimal effect. Nevertheless, I do see certain patients where certain foods can trigger their acne and cause it to flare. Acne is a disorder of the follicles and oil glands situated deep in the skin, so rarely can topical face washing make a significant difference when one is trying to treat acne. The best approach to treating acne is a combination approach, oftentimes of topical medications, Aramis laser treatments and/or systemic medications. We usually tailor a specific program for our patients. I do recommend good hygiene and regular gentle cleansing. And, if a patient knows of any foods that do trigger their acne, certainly those can be avoided.
Acne Treatment information

What treatments are safe for a pregnant patient to use to treat acne?

During pregnancy, the number of medical treatments we have available is limited. The good news, so is the pregnant state. My objective for the treatment of acne during pregnancy is one more of maintenance and control as opposed to total clearing. In our practice, we have had good success using a combination of topical prescription gentle antibiotic lotions and the new Aramis laser. These two are proven safe in pregnancy and do a good job at treating acne during pregnancy. As always, I have your obstetrician or primary care provider approve any acne treatment program during pregnancy. Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD

Is Vaseline good for your lips?

This is a great question and certainly an issue of concern in Minnesota where it’s dry so much of the year. I do recommend Vaseline for lips because it makes them softer and seals in moistures and forms a good anti-evaporative barrier. We also use a lot of Aquaphor in our clinic, which is similar to Vaseline but has a slightly higher water content. The key with good lip treatment is to use topical moisturizers and protectants on a regular basis, especially during the fall and winter seasons when dry weather can wreak havoc on sensitive lips.
Dry Skin information

It there a Cosmetic Consultation Fee?

All cosmetic consultations are $75. In order to reserve an appointment time, we require that you pay a $75 deposit. This fee will be deducted from the cost of a cosmetic treatment performed at the initial appointment, or a cosmetic treatment received within one year of the consultation. If you choose to cancel your consultation appointment and do not wish to reschedule, you must contact us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to receive a full refund. The cancellation must be verified with one of our schedulers. This policy also applies to all future cosmetic appointments, and for that reason, we are required to keep this credit card number on file.

How does the doctor decide which treatment is the best, such as whether to use a Pixel laser treatment versus Perlane for an under the eye treatment?

This is a question that has no simple answer. Oftentimes when engaging in a rejuvenation cosmetic treatment, there is as much artistry involved as there is medicine. As a cosmetic dermatologist and surgeon, I often approach a cosmetic concern from a variety of angles. I use years of experience with the different products and lasers and my expertise as to the best approach to design a program that addresses everyone's skin problem in a unique manner. Oftentimes, I will use a combination of products, both filling agents and lasers, to achieve the optimal result. Many times, using a variety of approaches will give a synergistic effect providing my patients with the best possible outcomes. That's why I always say, experience counts and quality matters.

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