(WCCO) More than 10 million Americans had cosmetic procedures last year, an 11 percent increase from 2004. Leading the way in popularity were minimally invasive procedures, quick fixes that take little time.

Wendy LeVoir's said, "Oh, wow," when she saw the results of her treatment.

LeVoir had about an hour to spare between shuffling her four kids around and she made good use of it. "I just think it's amazing. It's only been 20 minutes," LeVoir said.

She's had a scar near her right eye since she was a toddler. However, a few minutes in the chair of Dermatologist Charles Crutchfield erased it.

Monica Standish's love of the sun lead to skin cancer. Removing a suspicious mole then left it's mark on the side of her nose.

"It was just a big indent," said Standish when asked to describe it.

Again the doctor works his magic with a syringeful of Restalyne.

Crutchfield said to think of the solution like this, "It's a sugar-based gel that's naturally found in the human body. It's the same fluid that's in your joints. "

If someone feels their nose is to big or too wide or has a bump on it, that requires the help of an ear, nose and throat doctor or a board-certified plastic surgeon. But more and more people who have contour defects are coming to see people like Crutchfield.

Crutchfield said, "Usually it's quick and easy and it makes such a dramatic difference patients are really gratified by the result. "

The so-called "lunchtime nose job" is not just for women.

Photojournalist Joe Berglove was shooting a WCCO-TV news report when Crutchfield noticed the added character of Berglove's nose.

Berglove had caught a bucket right between eyes about 30 years ago while rough-housing with his brothers. It took Cructhfield about 10 minutes to fill the dent and lift the scar.

Crutchfield said some scars respond best with one or two touch-ups because, "When we're dealing with little scars that have some fibrous bands and tethering, then I like to do it as layering once a month. "

The cost generally runs between $300 and $700 for the full treatment.

Crutchfield said the treatments are semi-permanent since people may want a touch-up once a year or so.

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