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What Is Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier

Paris, France

80 proof


Grand Marnier is an orange liqueur, yet it tastes different from generic orange Curacao-type liqueurs. Part of the reason is the cognac base. Cheaper brands use flavorless “neutral sprits.” The other difference is a secret list of background flavorings.


According to a recipe in Food Flavorings, the principal secret ingredient is peppermint. Merory’s recipe for “Grand ‘M’-Type Flavor” uses more noncitrus than citrus flavorings:

4750 gm. Bitter Orange Peel

2500 gm. Peppermint

2250 gm. Sweet Orange Peel

1750 gm. Lemon Peel

1500 gm. Coriander Seed

1500 gm. Curacao Orange Peel

1500 gm. Ginger

1500 gm. Orange Blossoms

1075 gm. Cloves

875 gm. Angelica Seed

875 gm. Cinnamon

250 gm. Cardamon

100 gm. Saffron

100 gm. Tonka Beans


Cointreau is believed to use many of the same ingredients but is prepared less sweet.

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