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Top 10 Historical Oddities you don’t know
10. Before the Boston Tea Party, the British actually lowered tea taxes, not raised them.
9. Abel Tasman “discovered” Tasmania, New Zealand, and Fiji on his first voyage, but managed to completely miss mainland Australia!
8. When the American Civil War started, confederate Robert E. Lee owned no slaves. Union General U.S. Grant did.
7. Kaiser Wilhelm II, Tsar Nicholas II, and George V were all grandchildren of Queen Victoria.
6. Josef Stalin once studied to be a priest.
5. Henry Kissinger and Yassir Arafat won the Nobel Prize. Gandhi never did.
4. The Constitution of the Confederate states of America banned the slave trade.
3. The “D” in D-day stands for “Day,” so it’s “Day-Day.”
2. A New Orleans man hired a pirate to rescue Napoleon from his prison on St. Helena.
1. In 1839, the U.S. and Canada fought the bloodless “War of Pork and Beans.”


From: The Ultimate Books of Top 10 Lists by The Best of


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