Crutchfield Dermatology Staff

Crutchfield Dermatology Staff

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Crutchfield Dermatology Staff

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“The Oxford Dictionary defines “Nursing” as the practice of providing care for the sick and infirm. Our nursing staff consists of individuals with post high school education and/or certifications in the areas of Medical Assisting, Certified Dermatology Technician, and nursing.”
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Linda A., Skin & Medispa Receptionist

I am so lucky to work for Crutchfield Dermatology. I work in our Skin & MediSpa as a receptionist. I grew up in St.Paul. In fact, I get to work with my childhood best friend, Polly C., every day! We both also went to school with the wonderful Dr. Crutchfield. I am married and have 3 wonderful boys who take very good care of their mother! I enjoy working out, traveling and spending time with my family and friends.
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Alexis B., Dermatology Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I am a medical assistant and certified dermatology technician. I was born on the island of Fiji in 1974. I found myself traveling to Minnesota as a professional agate hunter. I absolutely love the Moose Lake agate festival and hope one day to be selected as the festival princess. In my spare time, I collect copper bracelets to alleviate joint pain. I am in the process of developing a new extreme sport by combining indoor go-kart racing with paintball and scrapbooking. While taking community college extension courses, I worked as a therapeutic clown, but now I fear clowns, which limits my involvement in that type of work. In training, I graduated in the top ¾ of my class. I have a strange genetic condition that makes both my fingernails and hair ticklish, but I very much dislike anyone touching my face. I have 2 wonderful children and a wild bobcat named Klaws and an albino wiener dog named Q-tip. I have special skills in caring for people with skin care needs. I enjoy working with most of my co-workers and very much enjoy working at Crutchfield Dermatology
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Alyson B., Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I was pleased to join Crutchfield Dermatology in October 2006. Dermatology has always interested me with my own experiences of skin difficulties growing up. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to work with such an educated, friendly, and welcoming staff. I currently live in Cottage Grove, which is also where I grew up. I went to Minneapolis Business College where I received my Medical Assistant degree. I worked as a CMA at a Family Practice clinic in Woodbury for 4 1/2 years. At that point I decided to make a change and try something totally different...which is how I decided to come here. In my spare time I enjoy traveling and staying active. I dance competitively at a local dance studio as well as teach. I look forward to helping the needs of the patients here.
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Tricia B., Administrative Staff

I grew up in Rosemount, MN and currently live in Eagan with my husband and our two dogs. I attended St. Cloud State University and graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Sociology. I have worked with Crutchfield Dermatology in various capacities since 2005, most recently as the Associate Office Manager. I enjoy supporting Dr. Crutchfield and his hard-working medical team! My hobbies include watching movies, being outdoors, and traveling.
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Allison C., Associate Executive Assistant to Dr. Crutchfield

I was born in Queens, New York and moved to Minnesota in 2001. I love Minnesota and all of its seasons. I am very proud to call Minnesota my home. When I am not at work I love to go out to eat and adventure in the Twin Cities. I am the proud mother of two beautiful children. What brought me to Crutchfield Dermatology are the many wonderful things I heard about Dr. Crutchfield. I have been involved in the healthcare industry since 2009. The very first day I walked into Crutchfield Dermatology I felt I was home. I am very grateful to work with such a wonderful team!
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Laurie C., Administrative Staff

I am very happy to join Crutchfield Dermatology as Director of Finance and Marketing. I have a B.S. from Michigan State in computer software engineering. My experience includes software design for I.B.M., American Express, Loral, Lockheed-Martin, and for the past 7 years at Northwest Airlines was part of the management team that developed the award-winning website and the increasingly popular self-service ticketing kiosks. In addition to supervising the financial aspects of the practice, I will be involved in the marketing side with the newsletters, assisting Arbor Bay Marketing with website improvements, and in charge of developing an e-commerce platform and product line on the Web site. In my spare time enjoy gardening, reading, traveling and spending time with my children.
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Polly C., Patient Services

I’m thrilled to join the fun front desk staff at Crutchfield Dermatology. I grew up in St.Paul and was even lucky enough to be a classmate of Dr.Crutchfields. Eagan has been home for the last 20 years. I am the very proud mom of 2 boys (they’re really men, but I still like to call them “my boys”). I especially enjoy spending time with my family.
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Alicia E., Skin and MediSpa Supervisor

I have been with Crutchfield Dermatology for 7 years as a Registered Medical Assistant. Since my time here I’ve moved from our Nursing floor to our Skin and MediSpa as a Supervisor. Although, you can still find me running around in both departments. I absolutely love what I do! When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my son Elijah, our dog Zeus, and my Fiancé Arnold. I look forward to continue to grow with Dr. Crutchfield and the rest of my team.
nursing staff

Crystal E., Registered Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I have been with Crutchfield Dermatology for 11+ years as a Medical Assistant. I am proud to be apart of this successful clinic. My husband and I have 3 daughters who keep us moving. With the free time that I have, I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with my family, friends and shopping. I am very passionate about our patients and the care they receive.
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Sarah F., Certified Nurses Assistant

I grew up in St. Paul, MN and later traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin for college. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a degree in Biology and a minor in Spanish. Prior to working at Crutchfield Dermatology, I worked in an Emergency Department as a Medical Scribe and also as a Certified Nursing Assistant in an Assisted Living. I love to travel and was able to study abroad for 3 months in Spain. My favorite place that I visited while traveling the world was the Sahara Desert. I enjoy spending my time at Corepower Yoga Sculpt class, Minnesota Wild games, visiting my cabin up north and, of course, spending time with family and friends. I am thrilled to be working with the wonderful staff here at Crutchfield Dermatology, along with Dr. Crutchfield himself.
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Andrea G., Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I started at Crutchfield Dermatology as an intern in 2013 after finishing school for Medical Assisting at the Minneapolis Business College. Crutchfield Dermatology is such an interesting and fulfilling place to work! Outside of work I enjoy hiking, kayaking, movies, camping, and concerts. I also enjoy watching sports, especially the Vikings.
nursing staff

Olivia G.,

I am a Minnesota girl born and raised! I attended the University of Northwestern and absolutely loved my time there. I will graduate in May 2018 with my B.S. in Biology and minor in Psychology and Biblical Studies. I am thrilled to be working at Crutchfield Dermatology. The field of Dermatology has been a strong interest of mine since I was younger, and I plan to go to medical school in the next couple of years with an end goal to become a Dermatologist. I am passionate about patient care and have a strong desire to serve others. I am involved with several ministries and hope to someday do some missions work as a doctor. In my free time, I enjoy going to Yoga Sculpt classes, painting, baking, going to coffee shops, and traveling. I am honored to be working with Dr. Crutchfield and fellow staff at Crutchfield Dermatology!
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Jenelle H., UVB Tech

I grew up in a small town in Southeastern Minnesota and moved to the Twin Cities for college. I graduated from the University of St. Thomas in December of 2002 with a B.A. in Sociology and concentrations in Criminal Justice and Geographic Information Systems. I joined the team here at Crutchfield Dermatology early in the summer of 2003 and have enjoyed my experiences here immensely. I spend any spare time I have reading, writing, running, and trying to be outside as much as possible (yes, even in the winter!).
nursing staff

Jacqueline J., Certified Dermatology Technician, Patient Services

I love being part of Crutchfield Dermatology. Dermatology has always been an interest of mine. I look forward to learning more about the dermatology field with such a wonderful team. I have my BS Degree in Exercise and Sport Science. I enjoy working out, going to concerts/sporting events, baking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. I also stay busy working in a mini-donut food truck and cater weddings on the weekends.
nursing staff

Madeleine J., Patient Services

I am honored to join the team at Crutchfield Dermatology. I am currently attending Metro State for my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. When I am not at work or school, I love to read, spend time outside, listen to new music, and play video games. I am also a huge nerd for chorale, music theory and history. I dream about traveling the world some day.
nursing staff

Courtney K., Registered Medical Assistant

I am happy to start my career at Crutchfield Dermatology. I graduated from Sanford Brown College in 2016 as a Medical Assistant. I’m looking forward to being able to learn new and exciting things about dermatology. I also love being able to meet new people and be in such an energetic place. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my family, spending time with my daughter, shopping, singing, and playing volleyball.
nursing staff

Katie K., Patient Services Supervisor

I am honored to be a part of the Front Desk Staff here at Crutchfield Dermatology! I grew up in South Dakota before moving to Minnesota two years ago to be with my boyfriend Dylan. When I am not working I enjoy being outside, spending time with friends, visiting my family back home, going to the gym, playing softball and reading.
nursing staff

Natasha K., Skin and MediSpa Esthetician

In 2005 I was diagnosed with systemic lupus and I began to have a true passion and curiosity for overall health.  I attended Saint Paul College for Esthetics, Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition and Nursing.  I am the mother of five beautiful children and we have a son on the way.  I enjoy family/friend time, traveling, live music and my favorite place on the planet is River Valley Church.  What led me to Crutchfield Dermatology are numerous family and friends that have been patients of Dr. Crutchfield.  They spoke of the pride the staff takes in providing each patient with the best care.  My ultimate goal is to live life as authentically as possible and to be the best version of myself that I can be.  This goal is what led me to Crutchfield Dermatology.
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Jamia L., Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I was born in Minnesota but moved to Phoenix, AZ, when I was five years old. My mother decided to come back to MN when I was 15 years old. I attended Arlington and graduated in 2004. Went to Arizona after high school and attended Coolidge Arizona College for one semester and came back home. I attended Minneapolis School of Business in August 2005, for Medical Assistant and graduated in October 2006 with an AAS-Medical Assistant, that didn't go well at all. Went back to school in October 2009, at Minnesota School of Business for Medical Assistant to refresh myself, and graduated in September 2011 as a MA. Also, I have 5 year old son that will brighten up your day and is a joy to be around. I'm very thankful to join the Nursing staff here at Crutchfield Dermatology in January 2012.
nursing staff

Teresa L., Patient Services

I have been a part of the Front Desk staff for almost 6 years! Working with such wonderful people makes every day fun and enjoyable. I married my High School sweetheart in Mexico in 2011 and we had our first daughter Lexie on Christmas Eve, 2012. She is the sweetest, happiest girl I have ever known and is the center of our world! I am a huge Minnesota Vikings fan and enjoy reading, playing softball & doing anything outside with my daughter.
nursing staff

Ciera M., Medical Assistant & Esthetician (Skin & MediSpa & Nursing Staff)

I have been an Esthetician since 2009 and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to expand my knowledge here at Crutchfield Dermatology. I enjoy playing hockey with my son in the winter. I've bled purple since birth. I enjoy reading mystery novels. Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero, and science fiction is my favorite genre of movie.
nursing staff

Hanifa M., Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I am excited to rejoin Crutchfield Dermatology. I am very fortunate to be able to work with such a wonderful group of people. I also appreciate all the fun events Dr. Crutchfield provides to all the staff and family/friends. I love to spend time with my kids and family.
nursing staff

Kelly M., Executive Assistant to Dr. Crutchfield

Having worked at Crutchfield Dermatology for 8.5 years, I realize that I enjoy it more and more each day. I am very fortunate to be able to work with such amazing and energetic co-workers. Dr. Crutchfield keeps us all on our toes with his witty sense of humor and by providing us with many learning opportunities both at the clinic and outside of work. I also appreciate all of the events and outings he provides for us as a way to show his appreciation for the work we do. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends and baking. I am a BIG sports fan (MN Twins, MN Wild, MN Timberwolves, U of M Gopher basketball and football). Most of all I LOVE SPARKLES and watermelon, you could say that is what I'm known for most of all. I am very passionate about helping and caring for people making my employment here a perfect fit.
nursing staff

Miriam M., Skin and MediSpa Esthetician

I have been an esthetician since 2010. My passion for skin care started at a young age because I battled with acne. I have 3 beautiful girls. I am also passionate about nutrition, health and I enjoy working out. In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with my family. I believe there is always room for improvement and I strive to be the best that I can be! Helping others look and feel their best is truly what I enjoy. I am proud to be part of Crutchfield Dermatology and honored to work for such a reputable doctor.
nursing staff

Ashley N., Certified Dermatology Tech, Nursing Staff Supervisor

I am very happy to be a part of the nursing staff at Crutchfield Dermatology. I graduated from Bryman Institute in 2006 with a medical assisting degree and have been in Dermatology for almost 8 years. I cannot imagine working in another specialty and I am thrilled to be working with Dr. Crutchfield. I was raised and still reside in south Minneapolis and spend most of my time with friends and family or at home watching movies or reading. I also love to cook and entertain which I got from my mother and grandmother. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with such a great and caring staff.
nursing staff

Tim Q., Practice Administrator

I am thrilled to serve as the Administrator of Crutchfield Dermatology. I received a Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of MN and a B.A. in International Management from St. John’s University in Collegeville. I have been involved in Healthcare Administration since 1989 and working with Dr. Crutchfield in various capacities since 2001. Over the years, I have worked with many practices in the various stages of startup, management and growth. Crutchfield Dermatology is an exciting practice with which to be involved. When I’m not working, I enjoy outdoor activities with my family.
nursing staff

Nadia R., Certified Dermatology Tech

I was born and grew up in Borneo Island and finished my college in Jakarta, Indonesia. I moved to Minnesota in 2003 and proudly say Minnesota is now my home. I love working with patients, helping them and learning at the same time. It is an honor to work at Crutchfield Dermatology. Dr. Crutchfield is a very experienced and knowledgeable doctor and the best part is working with a wonderful team and meeting patients. I am the mother of a teenage daughter. I like traveling and I love to visit my family in Indonesia and explore the beautiful and exotic islands and beaches there, snorkeling and introducing different cultures to my daughter.
nursing staff

Katlyn S., Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I am excited to be starting my career by working for Crutchfield Dermatology! I graduated from the medical assistant program at Dakota County Technical College and finished my internship with Allina in the summer of 2013. In my spare time I love to workout (I was previously a personal trainer), scrapbook, shop, cook/bake, and go out to eat! I also occasionally write, sing, and play guitar for fun!
nursing staff

Kelli S., Certified Medical Assistant

I have been a CMA for over 13 years and have worked in many areas of the medical field. I am thrilled to join the Crutchfield Dermatology family. When I am not working I have 2 boys that keep me on my toes! I enjoy being outside watching my kids in their activities. I love working with our patients and I am excited to be working for such a well known and respected doctor.
nursing staff

Kim S., UVB Staff

I am happy to rejoin the staff at Crutchfield Dermatology. I worked in UVB 10 years ago and it's great to be back. I have been a patient here for 19 years. Dr. Crutchfield is an amazing doctor and I am so proud to be working with such a respected doctor and wonderful staff. I grew up in St. Paul and live in Woodbury with my husband and 3 teenage sons. My free time is spent with my children. I love attending their various sporting events which include lacrosse, football and hockey. I love traveling as a family, long bike rides with my sisters, and walking our energetic Golden Retriever, Oliver with my husband, Tom.
nursing staff

Megan S., Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I have been working for Crutchfield Dermatology since May 2014. I started my career here as an intern and was hired full-time for the nursing staff. I am so excited to be a part of the Crutchfield Dermatology team. I have also worked at a nursing home for 4 years. I love my job and everyone around me. I grew up in Minneapolis where I attended Roosevelt High School. On my free time I love to be around my family and friends.
nursing staff

Sherri S., Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I am excited to join the nursing staff at Crutchfield Dermatology. I started off here as an intern and got hired for a full time position. I went to Minneapolis Business College for Medical Assistant and graduated in June 2012. I graduated high school at Farmington High school in June 2011. I was born and raised in Minnesota and currently living in Farmington. In my spare time I love to travel with my family to places we have never been before, I enjoy being outdoors, shopping, hanging with friends, and spend time with my boyfriend.
nursing staff

Marcia T., Patient Services

I am happy to be a part of the staff at Crutchfield Dermatology. I enjoy the medical field, my co-workers, and our patients. I live in Elko with my husband, Tom. We have three children and a sweet pup named Emma. Our oldest son, Steven, is married to Kate and they live in Elko with our two amazing grandsons, Logan and Connor. Those two little boys are a delight to be around and they both bring so much joy and happiness to our family. My daughter, Suzanne, is a photographer in the metro area. I invite you to check out her work at or on Facebook (Suzanne Jean Photography). I am so proud of the beautiful work she does. She also coaches the Cougar Dance Team at Lakeville South High School. My youngest son, David, lives in Savage and is working for Calhoun Technologies. I feel very fortunate that they all live so close to us. I love spending time with my family and my best friends - my five sisters and their families.
nursing staff

Mallary V., Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I have been a medical assistant for over 9 years. I enjoy helping and educating patients. I do enjoy many outdoor activities and I love to cook! Working with Dr. Crutchfield and his wonderful staff is great!
nursing staff

Dana W., Medical Assistant, Certified Dermatology Tech

I am a recent Medical Assistant graduate of Everest Institite in Eagan, Mn. I started as an intern here for my schooling and got hired on full-time. I couldnt be happier than to not have to look for a job after school! I grew up in southern Minnesota and couldnt wait to to move to the twin cities area. I've lived in Eagan now for the last 3 years and I couldnt be happier. On days off I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, and watching movies. I become a home-body during winter because I really dont like the cold but during the nicer seasons you can find me out and about soaking up the sun!
nursing staff

Gladys W., Patient Special Services Coordinator

Bio coming soon.
nursing staff

Mimi X., Patient Services

I was born in Thailand but my parents are from Laos. My family moved to Minnesota when I was 5 years old and we lived here since. During my free time I enjoy cooking, baking and doing fun activities outside. I am the oldest out of 3 siblings. After my recent externship and completion from the Medical Assisting Program from Academy College, I was offered a position here at Crutchfield Dermatology. I am thankful for the opportunity and feel very fortunate to work for Dr. Crutchfield, and be a part of such lovely staff members. I am looking forward to learn more in depths about dermatology so I can best assist our patients.

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