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Elleebana Lash Lift

The Elleebana Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers that are applied strand by strand with specially formulated non-irritating glue to your own lashes to enhance your eye shape.

Charles E. Crutchfield, III MD

About Dr. Charles Crutchfield

Crutchfield Dermatology Skin & MediSpa is overseen by clinical director Charles E. Crutchfield III, M.D.

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Patient Testimonials

HydraFacial Heaven!

I regularly have HydraFacials at Crutchfield Dermatology MediSpa and have to say, now just entering my 40's my skin has never looked so good! I regularly get compliments on my skin now and need to wear very minimal makeup if any. My skin just has a natural, clean glow! I highly recommend any one, of any age, male or female to come to Crutchfield Dermatology to develop a skin regimen with the Hydrafacials if they want to turn back the hands of time. It's painless, time efficient and relaxing!
-Kelly M.

Absolutely LOVE the results

I began coming to the Medispa 9 months upon Dr.Crutchfield's recommendations. I was wanting to have something to help with minimizing wrinkles, improve skin texture and aging effects. I wanted to start with non-invasive treatments. Dr. Crutchfield recommended the Hydrafacials and I absolutely LOVE the results! My skin looks so much better! I have decreased wrinkles, it's firmer and plumper, and more even skin tone. The Medispa staff are great! Very helpful with questions and suggestions.
-Cindy H.

Great Experiences

I always have had great experiences at Crutchfield Dermatology. Being a Hydrafacial member has already made a difference in my skin. Not to mention the staff is the best! Thank you so much!
-Gina A.

Highly Recommend Crutchfield Skin and MediSpa

I had the HydraFacial with dermal builder add-on. The staff is great and talked to me about what they are doing during each step of the facial and also educated me on the different add-ons available if I wanted to try them. I highly recommend Crutchfield Skin and MediSpa - your skin will glow!
-Lynn U.

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 New Beauty MAgazine

New Beauty Magazine speaks with Dr. Crutchfield about about his philosophy on quality skin care

Best Women's Dermatologist

Dr. Crutchfield named Best Dermatologist for Women Again!

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