The Aramis Laser

Aramis Laser

The Aramis laser is a glass erbium laser operating at 1540 nm. The laser has multiple control settings that operate to treat both acne and unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. The Aramis laser is FDA-approved for the treatment of both acne and unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Great Treatment of Acne

The Aramis laser targets the sebaceous glands in the skin. It has an oil controlling component, which directly affects the activity and formation of inflammatory acne lesions. We have treated over 500 patients with tremendous success. Generally speaking, one treatment weekly for two months is the standard protocol. Sometimes this can clear up acne or put it into remission for six to 12 months. Dr. Crutchfield often combines several anti-acne components for a comprehensive skin care program that can totally clear up a patient’s acne.

To treat acne where it begins, the Aramis laser uses a patented wavelength to penetrate the skin’s layers to the depth where sebaceous glands are located. The laser thermally alters the reactors in the sebaceous gland, reducing oil and bacteria production, thereby reducing the size of the gland and the number of resulting acne lesions. Using the Aramis also results in a significant reduction in skin oiliness. This is of particular interest to patients that experience problems while wearing makeup.

To treat acne, a series of 8 treatments are administered, weekly for 2 months. Results are gradual with an approximate 15-20% reduction in the number of lesions after each treatment. The unique contact cooling of the Aramis laser makes the treatment virtually painless, with no need for anesthesia and no associated side effects, ensuring patient comfort and greater compliance.

The Aramis™ laser is designed to heat the dermis while protecting the epidermis, thus building and stimulate the natural formation of new collagen. The technique is painless, and the resultant thickening of the dermis enhances skin radiance and elasticity. The patented wavelength of the Aramis laser is ideally absorbed by water, allowing treatment to directly target the subaceous glands, the root cause of acne. Treatment with Aramis is virtually painless, requires no pre-treatment regimen, and completely without side effects.

See our photo-gallery for impressive before and after pictures of the many hundreds of happy patients we have treated for acne.

For the treatment of unwanted lines and wrinkles

Originally, the Aramis laser was used for the treatment of unwanted facial lines and wrinkles via dermal remodeling of collagen. The nice thing about the Aramis laser is that it is both very effective and almost totally pain-free. The protocol requires different settings in acne treatment; however, two to four treatments spaced out every two to four months produce exceptional results results. We may also combine the Aramis treatments with other skin rejuvenation programs, like alpha-hydroxy acid light chemical peels and the Javani Microdermabrasion system to create a synergistic skin fitness program to satisfy our patients skin care needs.

At Crutchfield Dermatology, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality technology to solve their skin care problems. The Aramis laser is a clear indication to our philosophy: Look good, feel great with beautiful skin.

For published studies on the treatment of acne and unwanted facial lines and wrinkles, see the articles below.

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Treatment Performance
Dr. Crutchfield performs all Botox Cosmetic and Restylane/Perlane and Juvederm treatments personally. For other cosmetic treatments, such as Pixel laser treatments, Lipodissolve Ultra, AFT light treatments, he may provide a combined treatment with his highly trained staff or have a skilled staff member perform the treatment(s)completely.

If you have any questions feel free to discuss this with Dr. Crutchfield at the time of consultation.

Dr. Crutchfield offers a money back guarantee for the treatment of the frown lines in the glabella (only) with a combination of Botox Cosmetic and Restylane if a patient uses the treatment amounts that he recommends.

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